Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell 2.2 Available

Update now!

Lots of new stuff and fixes in this release! I work hard to address all reported issues, thank you for being patient. Please tell your friends about Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell and leave a review or rating on the App Store.


  • Added new Bell Timing feature under settings, just slide to the left to make the bells ring closer together, to the right to make them further apart.
  • Added up and down swipe to turn bell on and off.
  • Added triple tap gesture to toggle bell on and off.


  • Improved switch animations and interactivity.
  • When creating a new Quiet Hour, it defaults to every day, instead of just the current day of the week.
  • Disbaled the ability to turn auto-off on if Quiet Hours in-app purchase is purchased. (these features overlap and do not work together nicely)
  • Minor visual tweaks for iPad.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause bells to ring during quiet hours.
  • Fix for bug that could cause switch to be unusable until animations settled.
  • Fix for bug that could make On/Off labels to swing around switch if you toggled the switch on and off a lot.
  • Fix for race condition that could cause app to be terminated because it didn't finish quickly enough after being worken up in background.
  • Fix for bug that could cause multiple bells to ring when screen was unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from turning on auto-off, if the bell was not yet turned on.

Version 2.1

  • Now you can get reminded to meditate every day.
  • Share share a note (notes requires the Intention & Reflection in-app purchase) via Mail, Messages, Airdrop, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Send a support request from within the app.
  • Smoother animations when starting and ending a meditation
  • Updated the Notes and Intention icons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused typing to be slow in notes.
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell Completely Redesigned!

Propel your meditation practice from the cushion into the world.  Modeled after a practice in Buddhist monasteries, Mindfulness Bells are a powerful practice to remind you of your intention to be mindful. Activate the Mindfulness Bell and it sends you gentle reminders of your intention for your practice through the day.

Turn it on, then as you're going about your day, a bell and notification will remind you to be mindful of what you're doing at a random intervals between half an hour and an hour and a half. Great for reminding yourself of your mindfulness practice while at work, commuting, at school.

New in Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell 2.0:

  • Completely rewritten and redesigned for iOS 7
  • Continuous Mindfulness Bell Scheduling
  • Quiet Times to silence the bell when appropriate as an in-app purchase

There's no need to re-open the app every day. Thanks to new features in iOS 7 we're able to schedule and keep on scheduling mindfulness bells without needing to re-open the app. Just launch once, turn the mindfulness bell on and you're good to go.

You want the Mindfulness Bell reminding you to be mindful, but not all times are the right time to do that. Now you can schedule Quiet Times when you need a the Mindfulness Bell to be silent. Schedules can be created for any day or days of the week and for any time with an in-app purchase.

Lotus Bud - Meditation Timer 2.0.2 Now for iPad

Lotus Bud Meditation Timer 2 is now optimized for iPad! Sync your meditation settings and sessions with the in-app purchase, so you can review your notes and intentions from any of your iOS devices.

We're not done yet, we're continuing to work on new features and will be adding some long awaited features to Lotus Bud - Mindfulness Bell

Source: http://appstore.com/lotusbudmeditationtime...

Lotus Bud Version 1.1 Now Available on the App Store

Download Now!Two major new features for this release, Goals and Mindfulness Bell!


  • Set separate goals for frequency and duration.
  • Set one or both, Meditate 12 times a month for twenty minutes, or
  • get more ambitious and meditate twice a day for an hour each,
  • it's up to you.
  • See both goals in an intuitive progress bar.
  • Color indicates progress towards frequency.
  • Length indicates progress towards duration.
  • Ease into your desired duration by enabling the Auto increment
  • feature.
  • Each time you finish a meditation with the Auto increment feature
  • enabled, it'll nudge you toward your goal by increasing the time
  • for your next sit.

Mindfulness Bell: Modeled after the monastic practice of ringing a mindfulness bells.

  • Mindfulness Bell encourages you to become mindful wherever you
  • are, no matter what you're doing.
  • Set a mindfulness bell to randomly ring, encouraging you to stop
  • and be mindful throughout your day.
  • Easily set a cut off time to keep the mindfulness bell from
  • ringing at inappropriate times.

Other additions:

  • Clear you recent meditations if you want to start from scratch
  • Restore the preset Retreats from System Preferences.
  • Other minor refinements.