Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell 2.2 Available

Update now!

Lots of new stuff and fixes in this release! I work hard to address all reported issues, thank you for being patient. Please tell your friends about Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell and leave a review or rating on the App Store.


  • Added new Bell Timing feature under settings, just slide to the left to make the bells ring closer together, to the right to make them further apart.
  • Added up and down swipe to turn bell on and off.
  • Added triple tap gesture to toggle bell on and off.


  • Improved switch animations and interactivity.
  • When creating a new Quiet Hour, it defaults to every day, instead of just the current day of the week.
  • Disbaled the ability to turn auto-off on if Quiet Hours in-app purchase is purchased. (these features overlap and do not work together nicely)
  • Minor visual tweaks for iPad.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause bells to ring during quiet hours.
  • Fix for bug that could cause switch to be unusable until animations settled.
  • Fix for bug that could make On/Off labels to swing around switch if you toggled the switch on and off a lot.
  • Fix for race condition that could cause app to be terminated because it didn't finish quickly enough after being worken up in background.
  • Fix for bug that could cause multiple bells to ring when screen was unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from turning on auto-off, if the bell was not yet turned on.