Lotus Bud Version 1.1 Now Available on the App Store

Download Now!Two major new features for this release, Goals and Mindfulness Bell!


  • Set separate goals for frequency and duration.
  • Set one or both, Meditate 12 times a month for twenty minutes, or
  • get more ambitious and meditate twice a day for an hour each,
  • it's up to you.
  • See both goals in an intuitive progress bar.
  • Color indicates progress towards frequency.
  • Length indicates progress towards duration.
  • Ease into your desired duration by enabling the Auto increment
  • feature.
  • Each time you finish a meditation with the Auto increment feature
  • enabled, it'll nudge you toward your goal by increasing the time
  • for your next sit.

Mindfulness Bell: Modeled after the monastic practice of ringing a mindfulness bells.

  • Mindfulness Bell encourages you to become mindful wherever you
  • are, no matter what you're doing.
  • Set a mindfulness bell to randomly ring, encouraging you to stop
  • and be mindful throughout your day.
  • Easily set a cut off time to keep the mindfulness bell from
  • ringing at inappropriate times.

Other additions:

  • Clear you recent meditations if you want to start from scratch
  • Restore the preset Retreats from System Preferences.
  • Other minor refinements.