Version 2.0

Complete redesign and rewrite! Lotus Bud is now free with an in-app purchase for intention and reflection


New UI for iOS 7! Resolves an issue where Retreats crashes on relaunch Minor bug fixes and enhancements


iOS 6 only!, please do not update for devices on older versions of iOS! New Timeline view!!! Timeline completely replaces Recents on iPad, tap on a day to see meditation notes View Timeline by rotating device to landscape when viewing Recents on iPhone Goal Progress Bar, even more beautimous! (no really, it's gorgeous) Reminders integration so you never miss a day of meditation Much better support for 4" screens More explicit saving/cancel actions when saving notes for meditation Smaller file size Updated icons for tab bar New look, brighter colors Refreshed icon again Fixed a bug that could prevent you from setting the cut-off time after you'd used the mindfulness bell once. Thank you for your patience with this one, as it was hard to reliably reproduce and correct. lots of other minor bug fixes and refinements


iOS 6 Support and support for the new iPhone 5 and iPod touches! Facebook integration. Fixed a bug that could cause you to lose notes that you've typed in. Refinements to the graph. Refreshed icon. Fixed a scrolling bug that obscured the notes field. VERSION 1.4

Big release, now requires iOS 5, do not upgrade devices with earlier versions of iOS Backend largely rewritten to take advantage of iOS 5 technologies and prepping for future iOS versions iPad 3 Retina Support Retreats Retreat List View Reformatted iPad Retreat list view Action button replaces Edit and Add button to allow reordering and adding of new Retreats Retreat Detail View Action button replaces Edit and Add button to allow reordering and adding of new Retreats Playing Retreat now has stop, pause and next session buttons to clarify functionality Progress on current retreat session, better matches app colors iPad session detail pop-over redesigned Resolved a performance issue when drilling down to the session settings screen Mindfulness Bell Mindfulness Bell now allows you to schedule the cut-off time multiple days in the future, no longer requires turning the bell back on every day, a much requested feature! The frequency of the bell will be increased when setting the cut-off for a closer cut-off time, for example, a cut-off time that is within the next hour will have bells that are no more than twenty minutes apart from each other and when setting cut-off times for over five hours in the future will have times as long as an hour and a half between bells. This allows the bells still to be at random (unexpected), but much better at providing you mindfulness bells in a way that's more predictable Layout refinements Goals New Goal Progress Bar Challenge goals now show progress for individual days during the goal. Consolidated the on/off switch and the ongoing/challenge switch. Removed encouragement text, this is in preparation for localization in revisions to come Resolved an issue that kept goal from progressing past the first day, when you switched to Challenge and didn't edit any of the other settings Recents No longer shows chart on Recents if the device is already in landscape to prevent confusion about how to exit the chart Inverted the colors on the chart in order to better match the rest of the interface Resolved a performance issue when drilling down to the settings screen for a manual entry Lots of other minor bug fixes and revisions Version 1.3

Brand new interface Added Challenge type of Goal, specify how many number of days you want to sit Goal reminders, toggle on to get a reminder to meditate every day Rotate your device on the History tab to get a chart of your recent meditations "Until" meditations, let’s you pick a time to meditate until, great for on your lunch break or before leaving the house in the morning

Version 1.2.1

Twitter integration for tweeting meditation notes. iOS 5 compatibility. Restored swipe to delete on Recent Meditations list. Minor bug fixes and enhancements. Updated icon for the App Store.

Version 1.2

Now a Universal App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. List of Recent Meditations now grouped by logical dates (Today, Yesterday, This Week, etc.). Much prettier Goal progress bar. Lots of other minor refinements and a couple of bug fixes thrown in.

Version 1.1

Two major new features for this release, Goals and Mindfulness Bell!


Set separate goals for frequency and duration. Set one or both, Meditate 12 times a month for twenty minutes, or get more ambitious and meditate twice a day for an hour each, it's up to you. See both goals in an intuitive progress bar. Color indicates progress towards frequency. Length indicates progress towards duration. Ease into your desired duration by enabling the Auto-increment feature. Each time you finish a meditation with the Auto-increment feature enabled, it'll nudge you toward your goal by increasing the time for your next sit. Mindfulness Bell!:

Modeled after the monastic practice of ringing a mindfulness bells. Mindfulness Bell encourages you to become mindful wherever you are, no matter what you're doing. Set a mindfulness bell to randomly ring, encouraging you to stop and be mindful throughout your day. Easily set a cut-off time to keep the mindfulness bell from ringing at inappropriate times. Other additions:

Clear you recent meditations if you want to start from scratch. Restore the preset Retreats from System Preferences. Other minor refinements. Version 1.0

-Initial release.